MC Applicants | 2nd round

Dear fellow AIESECers, As you maybe remember from the previous posts and videos, on 4th February was the deadline for our second round of MC applications for the MC in Switzerland 2011/2012. Me and my MC colleagues had a Skype talks with the potential applicants till the last hour and we have been very excited watching our mailboxes as the midnight was approaching. Therefore is an honor for me to announce the applicants, brave individuals [...]


MC facilitating at the NatCo II, Netherlands


Hello Fellow AIESECers, in this post we are bringing you the insight in another cool opportunity you will have while being MC in Switzerland. As we have very close relations with AIESEC Netherlands, me (James) and Cosi were invited to be exclusively international facilitators at their National Congress. Here you can see small greeting from the airport in Amsterdam Pre-Meeting of the Conference: The Dutch conferences are very interesting as they are in full formal [...]


MC term in Switzerland through eyes of James (ASCDA P)

Hello Fellow AIESECers, as we have started the series of MC people talking to you through videos, we are gonna continue with this nice tradition to bring you more insight of MC life in Switzerland. This time it’s me, James, talking about my experience and reasons, why is AIESEC and country of Switzerland so attractive, professional and valuable for applicants from Switzerland and from abroad. So enjoy the movie and in case of any question, [...]


Results of the 1st round

Hello Fellow AIESECers, as you have maybe noticed form our Facebook posts, the first round of elections have already passed. In the first round we had 8 brave candidates for MC VP position and one amazing candidate for MCP. Everybody submitted his/her application and started the selection process with all the mind strength available following the goal – being a part of the achiever’s team MC Switzerland 11/12. Hereby I would love to congratulate to [...]


What is important in MC term?

Hello Fellow AIESECers, it’s me again and this time I would like to make it a bit more interesting here and get some opinion from you. Now in the elections / applications / selections period everybody is talking about MC experience, learning, impact etc. but I would like to have your idea, what is the most important thing for you by applying to MC. Therefore I have prepared for you following: you can vote in [...]


MC term in Switzerland through eyes of Cosi (MC VP ER)

Hello Fellow AIESECers, as already passed couple of days since the start of our blog and we have a new post. Our lovely MC VP ER Cosima a.k.a. Cosi has shot a video for you summing up the most important points of her MC year. Listen to her carefully and in case of being interested to apply for MC VP ICX or BD do not hesitate to contact her anytime. Take care and subscribe for [...]


Where to find the applications?

Hello Fellow AIESECers, as you have seen I have been mentioning all the time our application package and opportunity to apply for our MC. However there have been no mentioning, where you can find the application package necessary for applying. You can find it on our CLASSIFIEDS at MyAIESEC.net => HERE. You can find there the application form (questionnaire), job analysis booklet (including extended job descriptions) and application guidelines with all the information about AIESEC [...]


What is this blog for?

Hello fellow AIESECers from all over the world, as MC applications are now all over the world being opened, me an my MC here in Switzerland would like to give the whole network a glimpse of what does it mean to be part of AIESEC in Switzerland. Therefore we want to have video / pictures blog, where we going to bring updates for you every day and lead you through our own experience. In case [...]

What do you find here

MC life in Switzerland

All the information about life of Swiss MC, benefits of this intense and amazing experience and more interesting comments, which can show you, that the Swiss MC is the right experience for you! In case you are interested please subscribe to our blog, facebook and twitter, where you find even more...

Pictures of MC

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Contacts of MC 10/11

Corinne Binkert / MCP 2010/2011
mail: corinne.binkert@aiesec.ch
skype: corinnebi

Jakub Turan / MCVP Career Days 2010/2011
mail: jakub.turan@aiesec.ch
skype: matematicka.owca

Cosima Bader / MCVP External Relations 2010/2011
mail: cosima.bader@aiesec.ch
skype: cosima.bader

Birgit Haberl / MCVP eXchange 2010/2011
mail: birgit.haberl@aiesec.ch
skype: birgit28287

Saltanat Shamshiyeva / MCVP Finance 2010/2011
mail: saltanat.shamshiyeva@aiesec.ch
skype: sshamshiyeva

Maram Ayman / MCVP Talent Management 2010/2011
mail: maram.ayman@aiesec.ch
skype: maram.ayman

MC Roll Call